What is HUSTLE?

HUSTLE is not just a fitness class; it's a squad who come together to smash it out. No matter your fitness level or experience, no matter your end goal, everyone pulls their energy together to get there. Whether your goal is getting stronger, fitter, leaner, faster or healthier, you have one thing in common; good solid hard work. 

"I wanted to create a workout which gave people more. An opportunity not only to be challenged physically + to work on that mental toughness but also designed to create an environment which cultivates real connections not just with me as a trainer but with each other as a squad."

What does a HUSTLE session consist of?

HUSTLE will be popping up at different venues across London, so the format of the class will differ, however we always stay true to our core training values. We believe in a varied + functional workout which includes cardio, strength + conditioning. Expect a workout which uses cardio, body-weight + resistance training, some of which may be high impact. Expect to work f**king hard.

what people are saying

"Wow what a session today! So much energy in that class and so great to work in such a team with an amazing bunch of people. Roll on the next one! Mel was on fire like usual!"

"Amazing session, v sore today but so worth it"

When can I get my HUSTLE on?!

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