"Melissa, an absolute breathe of fresh air. The ultimate women, instructor, professional & all round superstar. Melissa gave us the tools and showed us the path to be able to execute the vision we had for RYDE. Recruitment, training, management, and so much more. You name it she can do it. We can honestly say that none of this would have been possible without her guidance. She has laid the foundations here at RYDE for now and a long prosperous future ahead. We are extremely lucky to have worked with her & will continue to do so in the future. We loved every minute of it!!!"

Since January 2015, Melissa has consulted for numerous brands & studios in the UK and Middle East. Her broad range of skills from social media marketing, art direction, online community engagement, project management, team management, instructor training and concept development, make her a well rounded consultant who can work with you to ensure you exceed the desired result.

Melissa has a vast amount of experience in the set up and running of boutique studios, creating and managing busy timetables, managing and training a large instructor team, training and developing instructors to not only find great talent but also fine tune & grow their skills to become world class. Melissa is highly skilled in coaching and teaching advanced skills to people both new or seasoned to instructing.

With drive to get the best out of people and the hunger to get the job done, Melissa will provide your project with enthusiasm, energy and expertise.