Today is my 35th Birthday, as of midnight I am closer to 40 than I am 30 and while part of me is like "nooooo I'm not ready to adult yet", most of me is like "cool, I've got this."

I thought I'd celebrate 35 by musing on 15 things I want to do in the not so distant future, and put some positive affirmations into the universe. 

I want to take my children somewhere that will change their little lives. Somewhere which will make them view the world differently and inspire them to dig deep and reach further than Walthamstow.

I want to tandem sky-dive. I mean I'm gonna need to sign something that says, "no matter how convincing my argument is, jump out of that plan with me. Apologies if I wet myself."

I'd like to visit Japan. And since my boyfriend is teaching my children Japanese, I have two mini translators. Maybe that could tick off number one.

I would love to present internationally. Not at fitness conventions, that's too impersonal. I want to go on a tour and teach in studios all over the world.

It's time to own some bricks and mortar. Time to hustle a little harder.

I would like to write an e-book which will actually help people see themselves differently. How can I help someone see their body as more than something that should merely look good, and actually an amazing, badass machine? (which can also look good too, once is functions good)

I'd like to learn a language. Despite my pitiful shy away from keeping up with my kids Japanese. I wish I had the patience, with myself, to learn a second language. It terrifies me...I don't do well with the concept of being bad at things. 

I would like to speak publicly, to a big crowd about fitness and body image. I'd done it to a small crowd, time to go BIG.

I would like to see if I can still dance. Have I still got it? *cue mum dancing*

My passion and skill is in helping others realise their potential. This is what I need to be doing. STAT.

I might be a way off this, but I want my own little studio, doing epic things.

I want to learn the art of life balance. You know that utopia where work is work and home is home? Apparently it exists out there.

I would like very much to see Cirque Du Soleil. 

I'd like to teach my children something. Like really teach them. This will require a re-think about my own confidence in my academic capabilities. Maybe I should re-do my GCSE Math & English?

I'd like to take my mum away for the weekend somewhere. Probably Spain. Just Mum, me and good food and walks.