With the steady rise of popularity of fitness and #fitspo on social media; you would be forgiven for getting completely swept off your feet by the inspiration, the sweat, the endorphins and new friends made both online and in sessions but today I want to talk to you about NOT being a fitness fanatic and being okay with that.

I obviously coach in the fitness boutique, so I am well aware of the fitness habits of many of you. You're incredible; racking up a serious number of sessions every month, putting your body through the ringer in each and every one and it is so inspiring to watch but...and there is always a is totally okay so miss a session some days, or to not double up. Honest to all things good, the world will keep turning and you won't fall short of your goals. Promise.

I'm passionate about body image, and the first thing we think about when we think negative body image, is generally eating disorders right? But it's not just about food, poor relationships with exercise, on the opposite end of sedentary, is a huge thing. This phenomenon of "go hard or go home" and "no rest days" is, in all honesty, complete and utter bullshit, dangerous and creating just as many problems as eating disorders...not no mention bodies that are rife with injuries and immune systems that are on their last legs.

As a fitness professional, it is my duty to tell you to slow down, calm down and chill out. There isn't a goal you cannot hit that can't be hit by training 3-5x a week, your rest day is just as important as your training. If you allow your body to recover properly you'll be stronger, fitter and more awesome!

It's ok to love training but for it to not be your whole life! Promise!!

- love Melissa x