#IAMENOUGH...its easier to say than to actually live and believe.

"In a society that profits from your self doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act"...a quote that I once read and it stayed with me ever since. Whether its a gym, wellness, beauty, nutrition, clothing or supplement company, its safe to say their whole existence, their profits and their success relies heavily on your belief that you are not enough.

Not fit enough.

Not skinny enough.

Not big enough.

Not small enough.

Not fast enough.

Not pretty enough.

Not heavy enough.

Not light enough.

Hair not long enough.

Not sleek enough.

Not curly enough.

Not strong enough.

Eye lashes not long enough.

Skin not tan enough.

Not fair enough.

Ass not round enough.

Breasts not perky enough.


I could go on.

We spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds a year trying to become what we are not.

 I'm looking at myself here; I'm not tan enough, so I wear gradual tan every other day to make my skin a colour I feel is acceptable, yet its a colour I only go rarely when on a two week holiday and it disappears within 7 days. I bleach my hair so it isn't so red. I am moderate with my diet, in order to not put on weight. I feel I should probably lose a few kilos to be 58kg, when I comfortably maintain 60kg when I eat a happy and healthy diet and exercise regularly. I sometimes feel self conscious about my small breasts; they've never been big and lost all chance of that when I got into the fitness industry. Without make up I feel like I look tired and old...I AM TIRED....and getting old lol

While I believe it is totally healthy to want to get better at stuff; stronger, faster, fitter, healthier...the pressure we put on ourselves to become someone we're not is just nuts to me. Becoming a stronger and more capable person is admiral, but relax and don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself.

I made a decision a few weeks ago to stop using tan. I know this is totally first world problems by the way. But anyway, I wanted to love my skin, my body how it is naturally. Its f**king November in London, I have no business having a tan and I should be okay with that. Some would say "well if it makes you feel better, then why not?!" and that has totally been my justification for years but I really believe it is important to be okay with yourself.

At what point did we start looking in the mirror and decide we need to change everything that we are physically? Our faces, our lips, our breasts, our stomachs, our legs, our bums, our skin, our fucking eyelashes... when will it stop?

I guess its a work in progress, but it is definitely some work we should put in.

 - Melissa x