Whether you are completely new to the sweat life or returning to it, those first few sessions of your fitness journey are always the toughest. We are often asked how the best way to jump on it is, and we thought we would bring you are top five ways to jump on that sweat train.

1) Find a buddy. Look, no matter your intentions, the first two weeks of your new regieme are going to be the hardest to do and the easiest to skip. Find yourself a buddy who is either new to it too or a seasoned veteran who can either empathise or kick your ass, whichever you personally respond best to. There is nothing quite like a little accountability; its easier to snooze on yourself but no so easy if a mate is depending on you.

2) Do what you love...or what you kinda like more than other things. There are no right or wrong workouts for you, as long as it motivates you and makes you happy. The key is you need to move more, and how you do it really doesn't especially matter.

3) Everyone started somewhere, including your awesome and badass instructor (***wink wink***)....you do not have to be great at things immediately, you just have to show up, turn up and make shit happen for yourself. Just because you can't run like a gazelle yet, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Small steps.

4) While nutrition is important, save that step for later. Nail your workouts first and then make the tweaks that may be necessary to your goals when you are about 4-6 weeks into your journey. This way you know how your body responds to core training before you start messing with your diet.

5) You don't have to love it, you don't have to live for it and you most definitely do not have to turn your whole life upside down to do it. Forget all you have heard about "go hard or go home" or "no rest days"...its absolute bullshit. Fitness should be something that slots into your life as easy as 123; train when you can, be flexible with yourself and rest assured that slowly, slowly does catch that monkey.  

Most importantly be happy, listen to your body, have fun and be kind to yourself!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below!

- Love Melissa x